Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wet One at Watford

Finally experienced some 'traditional' English weather today as heavy rains turned part of the training pitch into a swamp. While it doesn't make for the greatest soccer, the boys looked like they were having a ball on the 'slip-and-slide'. At least for a little while. The coaching staff quickly adjusted and found drier turf, conducting a session that involved a four corners possession game before going 7 v. 7 to big goals. Several of the English press braved the rain, despite the PGA tour event going on down the road and tomorrow being a bank holiday in England (the fact that it falls on Memorial Day in the U.S. is a coincidence). Ricardo Clark took part in his first session since arriving yesterday, and despite the conditions there were some very sharp combinations and a few fantastic strikes on goal. The only downside is that the rain wrecked one of our cameras ... just kidding, boss!

The team hits the gym this afternoon, which is thankfully indoors.

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Don said...

looks like gooch took out adu's leg in that pic