Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Official U.S. Soccer Bar Welcomes Roman Abramovich

Nevada Smiths, the December U.S. Soccer Bar of the Month, got a special guest for their Saturday morning screening of the Chelsea-Bolton match when Blues owner Roman Abramovich dropped in to catch the action.

In the city for a shopping excursion, the Chelsea boss heard that Nevada Smith’s was the bar affiliated with the New York based Chelsea supporters group, New York Blues. In fact, Nevada Smith’s is affiliated with over 25 supporters groups, and has spent the past 10 years developing a “bar for the fans.” All supporters groups are welcome at Nevada Smiths.

Abramovich isn't the only celeb who has come through the 'round ball' bar. Sir Alex Ferguson, Sting, and former Man-U striker Dwight Yorke are just some of the luminaries who have joined the fans to get their football fix.

Nevada Smiths is one of the bars nominated for the 2008 Best U.S. Soccer Bar award. The winner for that and all of the Best of U.S. Soccer awards will be announced next week.

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