Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Update

We mentioned yesterday that DaMarcus Beasley was substituted early in the first half after a collision that left him with a bruised rib. Well, after a scan, Rangers are revealing that the injury is nothing more than a bruise - so thankfully no break. It will keep DaMarcus out this weekend, however, and Rangers haven't set a timetable for his return yet.

Still searching for Maurice Edu's goal - any leads, readers? Regardless, here is manager Walter Smith talking about Mo's contribution and here you can see Mo talking before yesterday's match.

Tim Howard sustained a slight thigh injury during Sunday's win, but he should be ready for Sunday's big clash with Aston Villa, according to

Clint Dempsey and Fulham are preparing for Sunday's trip to Manchester City. Here's an interesting article from The Guardian's David Pleat where he talks about what makes the Cottagers' defence so tough to break down.


Leonardo said...

this is all i could find

at minute 4:00 i think that's Beasley

TheReason said...

Who should be the next MNT coach?

Matt said...

Can't find Edu's goal....but here's Eddie Johnson's: