Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carlos Bocanegra on SportsNation and More

U.S. MNT Captain Carlos Bocanegra will be appearing on ESPN's SportsNation on Thursday. Carlos is stopping by on the show to talk about the upcoming game against Mexico and will be on the show from 3 p.m. ET. You can send questions for Carlos to SportsNation via their twitter feed.

Also on Thursday, is scheduled to post "Fevered Pitch," a multimedia feature by senior writer Wayne Drehs that tells the story of the U.S. men's national soccer team this summer during its travels around the world with an eye to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The package combines Wayne's writing and reporting with photo galleries and video. Wayne was in Costa Rica with us, so there's some behind the scenes stuff and he also followed the team during its two stops in Chicago this summer. Through additional reporting, he tells the stories of what happened in South Africa as the U.S. reached the Confederations Cup final and everything ends with an eye towards USA/Mexico on Aug. 12.

That will go live on Thursday so be sure to check back here for the links. You can also follow Wayne Drehs on twitter at


Christopher said...

Any news on Jozy and Hull City??

ProfessorC180 said...

Although I support and am extremely happy to see Bocanegra expose US Soccer to a broader audience I must comment on his play; or rather Bradley's play of him.I've wanted to get this off of my chest since the loss to Brazil.Why did Bradley play him as a left back? Why not Bornstein?Mr.Bradley through his player experimentation has created a problem for himself.Too many players.In most cases a coaches dream. However in this case the captain is in the thick of things.Bocanegra didn't play b/c of injury.So Demerit got a shot...And he was good.Although Oguchi Onyewu is an irreplaceable rock in defense (much as Donovan is in offense) Demerit started slow,but then blossomed and the duo was great.Then against Spain Bocanegra is put in at left back. Why not center?B/c that would disrupt what Guch and Demerit had.Smart move. A better move would have been to play Bornstein instead. You see Bocanegra can defend,but can't go forward.Not his fault.Bornstein defends and goes forward.Against Spain we got away with it.Against Brazil...No.At halftime Dunga must've seen this and told his amazing laterals(Maicon and Alves) to go forward full steam.Maicon on the left(against Boca) put in the first deadly goal pass to Fabiano.Not Boca's fault,but the coaches.Don't know whether to play Demerit or Boca against mexico,but Bradley needs to bench someone.Period.Even if it is the captain.At best Boca or Demerit can play in front of the central defense alongside Michael Bradley.At best.Not on the wings.By the way JONATHAN SPECTOR WAS SPECTACULAR.IRREPLACEABLE AS WELL.THE KID RAN ALONG SIDE THE SPANIARDS AND BRAZILIANS.Perhaps the other Jonathan would play as well.