Thursday, August 6, 2009

Change Has Come to the MNT Blog

It's time to say goodbye to this version of the Men's National Team blog and wave a big HELLO to a re-vamped MNT Blog on the re-vamped

We know you’ve become emotionally attached to this one blog and change can be a little scary (and yes, you'll have to change your bookmarks), but we promise the new and improved platform will continue to bring you all the insight and behind the scenes access you are accustomed to, including videos, photos, interviews and much more. And this is still the best destination to keep on the U.S. players who are getting it done in Europe and across the world for their club teams as their seasons roll on.

And don’t worry, if you want to relive the past two years of MNT Blog action, including this summer’s run through the Confederations Cup, the Gold Cup and the ongoing adventures of vuvuzebra, you can always come back here to see them.

There will be a lot of action over there as the MNT gets set to travel to Estadio Azteca for the big one against Mexico, and of course we’ll take you through the rest of the hexagonal and beyond as the team marches towards the goal of playing in South Africa in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Thanks as always for all the support, comments, criticisms and contributions. Keep ‘em coming. We hope you like the new digs …

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ProfessorC180 said...

Visited new site and looks great.However would've been nice if the same blog was kept. Also there should be a way to access this blog from the new site.If there is please let me know someone. I also appreciate the fact that regular joe's can voice their opinions on this official site... Even if these opinions may be critical of players,coaches, or the US Soccer org.Only through constructive criticism and analysis may we all grow.Thank you.

The Wests said...

like the new site...not good for the blog, though.