Saturday, February 2, 2008


It's official. Bob Bradley has named the 22-man roster that will head to Houston to get ready for the Mexico match. Most of the players will arrive throughout Sunday, with a few European-based players with league matches on Sunday set to come the next day.

The players from the camp in Carson who are not going to Houston began departing last night, which made today's training session a fun-filled competition of soccer tennis and 5 v. 2. We'll try to get some clips up once we're done packing for the trip.

But enough of the little details. We now know who is going to be facing off against Mexico. What do you think?

To get things started, Steve Cherundolo had been scheduled to come to Houston until he suffered a groin injury in Hannover's 1-1 draw away to Hamburg earlier today.


cnelson said...

I'm curious to see how the starting lineup looks. does Tim Howard start, with Everton pushing for a champion's league spot, and Brad Guzan every bit a capable keeper there behind him?
I'll go with this look:
CBs: Gooch, Parkhurst
RB: Boca
LM: Convey
CMs: Bradley, Clark
RM: Donovan
AM: Dempsey
ST: Jozy

at the half, bring Adu on for Dempsey (Fulham needs him bad right now...) and maybe Eddie Robinson comes on too. He had a good enough game against Sweden to merit it. Speaking merit.. where's Jay DeMerit?

wiseguy_259 said...

thank god,big bob called in the re-enforcements from europe,im very comfortable with this roster,but i want to see the formation he will use,hopefully he will have the mexicutioner in an attacking mid role or just behind dempsey or altidore as a 2nd striker.

J&A Thompson said...

I am surprised. I thought Bob would not call up anymore Euro based players. I thought he was going to choose from the camp they had all January. I feel more confident that we will beat Mexico now that we have called many of our first team players. It would have been sweet though to beat them with the squad that played Sweeden. Freddy has been playing well with the limited minutes he has gotten but I think him, Bradley and Convey will be strong in the midfield. Our attack looks dangerous. The keepers are both solid. Look out Mexico. USA 2 Mexico 0! Go U.S.!

Johnathan said...

im curious about where beasley is, if anyone knows please tell me. o see what your saying about howard but i would put him in first half to get things started and see how it goes

i would go with this look
CBs:Onyewu , Bocanegra
RB:Parkhurst or Robinson
CMs:Bradley, Edu
Fs:Donovan, Dempsey

and bring in adu when needed and altidor but third sup either guzan at half or put in felhabior or lewis if lacking in mid.

Keeper12903 said...

Goalkeeper: I think Brad Guzan is a very capable goalkeeper, however Tim Howard wouldn't of come from across the pond to sit on the bench. Howard starts. It looks as if its Guzan, Howard, and Hanehmann at the moment, Kasey Keller said in an interview he is semi-retired, he said he had an agreement with bob bradley that if they absolutly need him he'll come in on emergency base only.

Defense: Drew Moor, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Corrales.

Midfield: Donovan, Bradley, Clark, and Adu.

Forwards: Jozy Altidore, Dempsey.

Ben said...

Beasley is out for the season with knee surgery.

hollin said...

Real excited to see Bradley play.

He's been on a TEAR in I hope it carries over....

About Guzan....

Since the Villa permit was denied- can he still play in Scotland...? Or do those home office permits cover all of 'Great' Britain...?

Go Yanks!

cnelson said...

I think he could have still gone through with the Celtic deal, but the transfer window was closed by the time Celtic would have had time to make the move.

ODUscrfreak said...

I am really excited to see Bradley play as well. I think his foot with Freddy adu's crossing skills would be killer. I think the ratio of young guys and veterans is a perfect mix. I think this will be the year of the US MNT!!!


Kartik said...

I thought Eddie Lewis was hurt? Derby County announced that on their website last week that he was out for a month.

jsepeda715 said...

Did you all check out Mexico's roster. They really want to win. They are bringing Giovani Dos Santos, the Mexican Brazilian and defender Rafa Marquez. Way too old to make the 2010 World Cup. Just goes to show that Hugo Sanchez, is really feeling the heat and need to try to beat the US. Wrong again Hugo! Mexico will stay down in defeat again.

Prime Time said...

I also thought Bob Bradley was going to be choosing guys from January's Camps. I was more then excited when I saw this roster. I am confident the Americans will triumph over their Southern neighbors now! I think the starting eleven will go as follows...

GK: Tim Howard
RB: Drew Moor
RCB: Oguchi Onyewu
LCB: Carlos Bocanegra
LB: Heath Pearce
RCM: Michael Bradley
LCM: Ricardo Clark
RAM: Landon Donovan
LAM: Freddy Adu
SS: Pat Noonan
ST: Clint Dempsey

I think the Yanks will go away from their traditional 4-4-2 and will go with more of a 4-4-1-1 type of formation. I don't think Altidore will start although he should. And although I really do like Benny Feilhaber, his lack of play with Derby and Bob Bradley's infatuation with Ricardo Clark, I don't see the Brazilian-born player in the starting eleven.

Jonathan said...


Beasley is out with a season ending knee injury.

donovanhater said...

Here we go again! The battle between good vs evil, beauty vs ugliness, The beautiful game vs physical strenght, Mexico vs USA.