Monday, February 4, 2008


MNT Blogger: Eddie, can you describe how you injured the cartilage in your knee?

Eddie Lewis: "I didn't. You're the 100th person who asked that question."

MNT Blogger: The reports from Derby indicate the surgery went well. What is the prognosis for the duration of your recovery?

Eddie Lewis: "What recovery?

MNT Blogger: Is it disappointing to travel all this way and have to sit out training and watch the team get ready for the big match against Mexico?

Eddie Lewis: "Yeah, I didn't sit out. The team had a great session today and we're looking forward to Wednesday.

MNT Blogger: You've been a part of some of the great moments in U.S.-Mexico history, particularly the cross to Donovan for the goal in the 2002 World Cup. Is it hard sitting here knowing that you won't be able to suit up Wednesday night?

Eddie Lewis: "It's hard listening to these questions. You really ought to spend less time on the computer."

MNT Blogger: Well, good luck then Eddie. Here's to a speedy recovery!

The preceding dramatization has been published to demonstrate once and for all that Eddie IS NOT HURT!!! How many times do we have to tell you not to believe everything you read?

Except our stuff, of course ...


Matt Brock said...

i thought eddie had died.

Historicus said...

It's a shame to hear about Eddie's injury. He's one of my favorite players.

BryanQ said...

Such a shame, it appears he is still in the denial stage... here's hoping to learns to accept his injury and gets on with the recovery.