Sunday, March 23, 2008


The MNT Blog headed to the local watering hole (attached to our hotel) to catch some high profile Premier League action this afternoon. First Manchester United took on Liverpool, with the Red Devils getting the win. Check out the finish and subsequent celebration by Nani on the third goal.

The next match was Arsenal v Chelsea, and guys from the team joined our table. Marcus Hahnemann looked over our shoulder while we were working on game notes for (see, the blog never sleeps!). The bloggers were struggling a bit with certain dates we were trying to add to the notes, and Marcus noted his similar battle with his memory while writing his really cool column for the Daily Mail.

In case you haven't read it, Marcus writes for the Daily Mail where he's a featured columnist. That's a distinction that we at the blog can only aspire to! Check out the full archive of his awesome stuff here.

Interestingly, another Premier League goalkeeper also writes a column for print. David James at Portsmouth submits his prose to The Guardian. We asked Marcus why so many goalkeepers are wielding a pen these days: "Well, for one we're all pretty unique guys," (no argument here) "and I think we've got a different perspective on the game than most other players." Hey, as long as that perspective keeps producing interesting articles, we're all for it!

Oh, and Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-1.


shannon said...

I have to say im fuming at the united v lfc game, as im a die hard red i cannot believe the ref, and it was made worse by chelsea some how coming back to win that game, hopefully a good win against poland will put a smile back on my face as my 1st weekend at 18 did not go over very well (w/ the exception of the everton score, sorry timmy you chose the wrong side of merseyside) thanks for the blog!!! love you guys!

Jonathan said...

This is out of place, but can we get an update on Gibbs? Can't wait to see if he's back to form.