Sunday, March 23, 2008


That means 'welcome' in Polish. Unfortunately that's the extent of our local language skills, but we've only been here a couple hours, so give us some time.

The team has started to filter into Krakow, which is cool and grey on this Easter afternoon. While we haven't published the full roster yet, our loyal MNT blog readers will get some sneak previews - starting with this photo of a trio of EPL'ers taking a break from their gym session.

On behalf the full team, Carlos, Eddie, Marcus, Jay and Brian all wanted to wish the U-23's the best of luck in the championship match against Honduras later today. Go get 'em boys!
It's going to be a fast and furious three days in Poland, so we dedicated bloggers will do our best to keep you dialed in. We're so dedicated that you're getting this update instead of us watching Manchester United - Liverpool. Speaking of which, be back soon ...

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Kent said...

Witamy guys!

I'm a Yank (and huge US fan) studying here in Krakow for the year, and I'm curious to know if you guys will have any practices or events open to the public today or tomorrow.

I live about 5 minutes from the stadium, and I have the next two days off from classes. Basically, I'd just like to kill some time watching a practice or something. I obviously wouldn't want to interrupt or interfere with gameday preparations, but I'm just interested in watching the guys a bit.

It's totally understandable if it's not possible...just thought I'd ask.

Thanks for any info!