Monday, March 24, 2008


The MNT Blog took to the streets for Easter Monday and walked around the city of Krakow. Today is a national holiday and though some of the streets were deserted, there were still a fair amount of passers-by congregating in the city square. It was a bit chilly out today, and the weather probably prevented the MNT Blog from experiencing one of Dingus Day’s more prevalent traditions: throwing water on people. That’s right. Dingus Day drenchings are par for the course in Poland. Traditionally that meant guys seeking out girls with buckets of water, but the tables have turned in recent years to include pan-gender soakings. Though we didn’t get any of that, we did get to see a bit of Krakow, which, despite the weather, is a beautiful city.

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Amy said...

Krakow is my second favorite city in Europe (after London). I once almost got arrested in Krakow for riding the tram without a ticket. My friends and I ended up bribing the transportation cop with about 300 Zlotych (pronounced zu-lah-tee). Anyway, I recommend trying the hot beer. It sounds disgusting, but tastes delicious. They put spices in it and it ends up tasting more like cider.

I know a few Polish words, but I only know how to say them, not how to spell them correctly.
Lot-nee-skoh = airport
Od-yaz-di = departures
Ce-leh = how much?
Tak = yes

That's all I have. Good luck Wednesday!