Saturday, August 18, 2007


The News: McBride scores the opening goal in Fulham's 2-1 loss to Middlesbrough but suffers a dislocated kneecap and could be sidelined for months.

Of Note: The Fulham captain was alone when he got on the end of a cross from Alexey Smirtin in the 16th minute, but he twisted awkwardly and immediately went down. An update on the injury is expected in the next few days. Meantime, Clint Dempsey replaced another injured player in the 35th minute and had a golden chance to put Fulham ahead 1o minutes from time, but that opportunity and an apparent last-minute goal from David Healy that went unacknowledged left the Cottagers with nothing to show from their effort.

Up next: Fulham head to Aston Villa after the midweek international fixture date

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