Monday, August 20, 2007


Among the myriad of pieces of equipment that the team travels with is a compressor to pump up the balls for training. Apparently, ours doesn't travel well. After finding the right adapter for European plugs (so we thought), Jesse Bignami started pumping up the balls, and after about three the machine went kaput to the sound of a low groan, followed by a rather pungent odor emanating from the motor. With a mere 27 balls left to get inflated, it seemed like a hand pump was not the answer. Jesse and trainer Justin Shaginaw embarked on a mission to find a sporting goods store to buy a new pump. They happened upon a store called STADIUM and a friendly associate named David. He said they didn't have any electric pumps for sale, but would be willing to pump up 'a' ball ... as in one.

Ever resourceful, Jesse told him he'd be back in 10 minutes. He returned with 27 balls, a team jersey, polo and t-shirt. After a bit of diplomacy, Jesse and Justin were able to set up shop in the middle of the store and inflate the rest of the balls. Mission accomplished. David said "thank you for the shirt, and I won't be supporting your team Wednesday." No problem, David ...

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