Monday, August 18, 2008

A Few More Pictures from our Travel Day...

...are located at!


anna4italia said...

Haha that's so cool :) I wonder who won the chess game...

Jonathan said...

An instructional chessboard, Landon? You're smarter than that! :-)

Good luck guys

714to617 said...

Or, to be precise, Chess for Dummies.

Gilmoy said...

0. FEN for those of you with chess viewers:
6r1/3k1p1p/3b1n2/3P4/2b3p1/2Q2P2/r1P2PKP/2B1R3 b - - 0 1

1. Black (Landon) has given Q+2P (9+2 = 11 points) for R+B+N (5+3+3 = 11) -- dead even!

2. Alas, White (Clint? -- best guess from the short fuzzy hair) seems to have just played Qc3, forking two loose Black pieces: Bc4 and Nf6.

3. Landon can't save them both -- neither of them has a check, nor can they protect each other in one move.

4. I assume it's Landon to move, hence his deep thinking. He's losing a piece, and it looks like he's just shy of a mating net: 1..gxf3++ 2.Kh3! (2.Kh1 Ng4! lets Black have too much fun) Bxd4 3.Qxf6 Rg2 (threat at h2) 4.Bf4 (Black is running dry) Be6+ 5.Rxe6! White returns material to cynically deny Black's goal-scoring opportunity, and his Q mops up Black's disorganized pawns.

5. Salute to both guys for getting that far without hanging something :)

6. Landon carefully arranges his captured pieces upright in columns in the box. Clint just tosses them in.