Thursday, August 21, 2008

Until We Meet Again...

So that just about puts the finishing touches on our trip to Guatemala, which ended in the best possible way: with a win! The victory marks the first time the U.S. has ever won a World Cup Qualifier in Guatemala and is the first win in the country since 1988.

There's lots of stuff to check out over at, including a supremely awesome quote sheet and some podcasts from Bob Bradley, Eddie, Tim and Landon, and Carlos and Michael.

As for the other results tonight from CONCACAF:
Group A
Cuba 1 - 3 Trinidad & Tobago

Group B
Canada 1 - 1 Jamaica
Mexico 2 - 1 Honduras

Group C
Haiti 2 - 2 Suriname
Costa Rica 1 - 0 El Salvador

Of course there is still a long way to go, both figuratively and literally since our guys are all going their separate ways tomorrow. A few will head back to MLS to meet up directly with their teams for this weekend's full slate of games. Most guys will head abroad but don't worry! You can follow all their progress at U.S. Soccer Global. Holla at you, Global Blog!

It's going to be a short turnaround and we'll be meeting up again in a little over week as we head towards the historic game against Cuba. Until then, thanks for reading! Keep your comments coming and we look forward to hearing from you again next time.

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Krista said...

Holy crap that game was intense. I thought I was gonna have to throw my tv out the window I was so pissed at those yellow cards!

Carlos had a beautiful header. Great win for the boys. Very happy for them. Can't wait for Cuba.

LM said...

the US players need to get used to hard games, cuz Lewis isn't the first player or the last one who gets hurt like happened to boca in england too!!!

Keeth said...

Hopefully Kenny Cooper gets called up for the next match. He is such a dominant forward. Eddie Johnson and Ching have been called up enough, how about giving K.C. a try. I'd also like to see Buddle rewarded for his performance this year.

Matthias Rosbrugh said...

Awesome game, intense, which is how it should be! Only one question...where's Twellman been??? Couldnt he be of some help these days too???

Anthony85 said...

Why are our defenders, especially bocanegra and onyewu, scoring our goals most of the time? Plus most of our matches have been scoreless on our behalf. Our strikers need to wake up and step it up!! Decent performance in Guatemala. I Believe in this team!!!!