Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Reaching the elite level of any profession doesn't happen by accident, and people are often curious to hear the perspective of those who do. Coupled with a desire to give coaches greater insight into how the U.S. National Teams train and operate, CoachesNet and Starting XI present an interview with U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Bob Bradley. In the “Starting XI,” coaches answer 11 questions focusing on a wide range of subjects, from coaching education and youth development to modern technology in the game of soccer. “The experiences that I have had over the years, always recognizing that as much as you might think that you have things figured one day, that everything can change and you have to keep an honest open mind that becomes most important,” said Bradley, during the video (watch). Bradley’s interview is the third installment of the Starting XI series (sign up). Available now through ussoccer.com, CoachesNet is devoted to educating its members on U.S. National Team coaching tactics by breaking down games at the highest level, analyzing training sessions and tactics, and delving into the keys to preparation. In addition, the content found only on CoachesNet features exclusive videos, podcasts and dissertations on everything from preparing for a particular opponent to putting together a roster to get the most out of an individual player. Sign-up now at coachesnet.ussoccer.com.

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