Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sorry folks, been one of those days when they've kept us bloggers running around (to your future benefit, we assure you). The first twist of the day came when our training venue was changed for the morning. It happened to be next door to Ellis Park, so we didn't need to google directions on the fly. While the neighboring Johannesburg Stadium wasn't quite as plush as the digs across the road, the team managed to get a spirited 90-minute session in. Enduring temperatures that seem to get hotter by the day, the group began with a 20-minute warm-up session before breaking into a directional possession game. Pulling one goal to midfield, they switched to a 9 v. 7 game to work on attacking and defending shape, with players rotating through both sides. Moving the goal back to the bottom of the 'D' and bringing the second goal to the top of the opposite 18, they played an 8 v. 7 match for 20 minutes. Finally, the group was divided into three groups, one working on individual shooting exercises, the second group of central defenders practicing coordination of their movement, and the third doing crossing and finishing. Despite the heat, it was a very spirited session. We should have some good photos available later today, but here's a view of the view from behind the goal...
After training we talked with Clint Dempsey and Maurice Edu to get a status report on training camp.

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Virus said...

I have noticed a trend, especially after listening to Deuce’s podcast. I have heard more and more recently about how the boys feel as if they are not getting the support at home that they need. Fair enough… I see it too. But don’t forget the extremely vocal, extremely loyal fans who do everything in their power to support and promote U.S. Soccer! We may be small but we sure are loud, and we’re doing everything in our power to support and promote the team and soccer in the U.S.!!! You will never walk alone!!!