Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As we arrived back from training this afternoon, the whole team tried to pile into the elevator - this always happens - creating a predictable logjam. Eventually after everyone had departed, we were left to take an elevator with our General Manager Pam Perkins and Freddy Adu. Around about floor six, a guy jumped into the elevator, gave us a cursory greeting and turned away again. He did a quick double-take, though, and he exclaimed (in an accent that we couldn’t decipher): “You’re Freddy?” Freddy nodded, and the man immediately became excited. “Oh my, this is fantastic!” blurted out the stranger as he began to fumble through his belongings. Sure enough, this guy was a card carrying Benfica supporter. Like, he actually carried a plastic card that identified him as a fan of the team. Freddy gave him a hug, and the two enjoyed a good laugh. “I can’t believe this!” the man blurted out as he left the elevator, “Freddy Adu in South Africa!” “This isn’t even the first time something like that’s happened,” chuckled Freddy, “there are Benfica fans everywhere.”

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