Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drawn Together

The U.S. has gone hexagonal, and results are in from South Africa for the draw for Final Round Qualifying. Here's the full schedule. More on later today, including the Confederations Cup Draw.

Wednesday 11 February
Costa Rica-Honduras
El Salvador-Trinidad and Tobago

Saturday 28 March
Mexico-Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago-Honduras
El Salvador-USA

Wednesday 1 April
Costa Rica-El Salvador
USA-Trinidad and Tobago

Wednesday 3 June
Costa Rica-USA

Saturday 6 June
Trinidad and Tobago-Costa Rica
El Salvador-Mexico

Wednesday 10 June
Mexico-Trinidad and Tobago
Honduras-El Salvador

Wednesday 12 August
Honduras-Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago-El Salvador

Saturday 5 September
Costa Rica-Mexico
Honduras-Trinidad and Tobago
USA-El Salvador

Wednesday 9 September
El Salvador-Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago-USA

Saturday 10 October (*)
Costa Rica-Trinidad and Tobago
Mexico-El Salvador

Wednesday 14 October (*)
USA-Costa Rica
Trinidad and Tobago-Mexico
El Salvador-Honduras

(*) simultaneous kick-off

The top three finishers from the final 'hexagonal' round will qualify automatically for South Africa 2010 as the region's representatives, while the fourth-place team will contest an intercontinental play-off with the fifth-place finisher from the South American Zone over two legs. The winner will also go to South Africa.


Rosie said...

I can't wait! :]

amy said...

When do we find out what cities the home games are in?

Andrew said...

Anyone else amused by the all-but-guaranteed Guerra Fría II?

Hometown SC said...

It will happen, La Guerra MUY Fria!

Chuck said...

To echo Amy -- when is the announcement for the venues going to occur? Anyone?