Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Our Guatemalan Friends Considering a Visit to Colorado

On behalf of the tourism board for Denver, we thought we would share some background information for our friends from Guatemala considering a visit to the Mile High City for next week's game. Some tips for coming to Denver in November, if you will. For example, did you know that ...
  • The average number of days where the temperature dips below freezing is 24.
  • The average amount of snowfall is nine inches. Wouldn't that be great to see snow for the first time ever? Sure it's extremely cold, but it's awfully pretty and makes for photos your friends will be amazed to see!
  • Game-time temperature on Wednesday is expected to be 30 degrees. It's not as bad as it sounds - just ask Mexico!
And don't worry, you'll be able to buy hats, scarves and gloves here - they make great souvenirs!

We hope you find this information both useful and informative. Check back next week when we will give you the lowdown on living at altitude...

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Anonymous said...

The weather, the altitude and limited Guatemalan population of Denver make it ideal for these WCQ's and if this game had been critical for the USA the USSF deservers congrat's for it's selection.