Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Photos, Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous is faithfully following the blog - thank you very much - and can not seem get enough photos!

Well, sir, we would like to remind you that the blog is only one source of information for all things U.S. soccer, the flagship obviously being In fact, there are photo galleries from the previous two training sessions just waiting to be seen!

We'll make it easy on you this time, but don't forget to check for all the latest news on our national teams, Coaching Education, Development Academy, Referee Week in Review podcasts, and much more.

Photos from Nov. 14

Photos from Nov. 15


Anonymous said...

I really like all the stuff you put up. My parents lets me check in here as much as I want because I have friends in camp. And anyway I would check in because I love the National team. I can't sign my name but I can tell you I am from Texas and I bet you can figure out who I know. And probably if you asked they would know who I am too. Just tell them I am 11.

prairie said...

Hey, since the team's usual Nike posterboys aren't in this one, who gets to sport the just-released pink cleats? Rico? Jonny B?

Kim said...

You can never have enough photos!