Friday, May 29, 2009

Tweet Chat with Jay DeMerit

You may have heard from your friends who are cool, but our Twitter feed is all the rage these days - check it out at Writing just one or two sentences at a time can be pretty tough though, so this afternoon the ussoccer twitter sprung a surprise on the twitter nation and handed the keyboard to Jay DeMerit, who held a spontaneous q&a with fans for about an hour. Here are some of the questions he got (and the answers he gave):

@ussoccer Hey Jay...what's your prediction for the Cup Final tomorrow?
@ericpz I'd love to see Timmy get the win, so hopefully Everton can score a few goals to help him out...

@ussoccer bigger accomplishment winning Confederations Cup or Quarterfinal appearance in the World Cup?
@tickel09 Hmmmmm...Can I have both?

@ussoccer How much bigger is Gooch than every other guy on the team? Is he as intimidating in person as looks on TV?
@FerrisOnline He's much bigger than everybody else and much scarier. Especially when he has a beard.

@ussoccer in your opinion, who's the best player you've ever played against personally?

@Brendanmeyer Probably Messi. In the Copa America from 2007.

@ussoccer Are they going to let you do another internship at Soccer House?
@hoover_dam Ha! Hopefully my soccer house lawnmowing days are over...

Join in the fun over at and stay tuned to see if somebody else takes command of the controls in the next few days (or weeks...we are on the road for awhile after all).

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