Friday, January 25, 2008


Training is back underway as the team moves towards its Feb 6. showdown with Mexico. Due to the heavy rains last night, the session moved from a natural grass pitch to a turf field where we broke out the new Nike gear. That's right - NEW GEAR! We've retired the threads that took us through the World Cup in '06 and a Gold Cup Championship in '07, and are now decked out in new-look warmups and training kits.

The guys got back into the routine of playing and, after some fitness at the end of practice, were glad to get the lunchroom for a meal. No rest for the weary though, since the guys will be back on the field - hopefully a grass one - this afternoon...

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Amy said...

anyone know when we can buy the new gear? would be nice to wear when I head to houston vs. mexico.
amy in detroit