Thursday, January 10, 2008


Continuing the tradition of the impromptu interview, we tracked down Chris Rolfe as he was going into his room, presumably to take a nap.

us: So what did you get up to for the holidays?

Chris: Just went back to Dayton, Ohio, with my parents. I spent some time with the girlfriend and got a real Christmas tree with the family, too.

us: Nice. Did you chop it down yourself?

Chris: Not this year, but we did last year – it was fun. There are lots of Christmas tree farms in Ohio, but we couldn’t find the right one this time around. So we ended up just buying one – it was about seven feet tall.

us: What else have you been doing? Reading any books?

Chris Rolfe: I just started reading the book Exposed by Mark Shapiro. I heard a radio interview with the author and thought it sounded interesting. It’s this investigative journalism book about how standards for chemicals in household items in America are really lax compared with other parts of the world, and what effect that has on the environment, business and us.

us: Sounds like it could be depressing.

Chris: That’s what my mom said. She said she doesn’t want to read it either. But it’s good to be informed and the book will at least be interesting. I’ve only just started it but it’s been good so far.

us: Seen any good movies?

Chris: I rented this movie with Pierce Brosnan called Seraphim Falls the other day and it was pretty good. It’s a Western set near the end of the Civil War. Westerns are probably my favorite type of movie – I think my favorite is Legends of the Fall.

us: A big Brad Pitt fan?

Chris: Ehhhh, not so much. But his character in that movie is fantastic.

us: The MNT Blog agrees, and it also recommends to you 3:10 to Yuma, which came out this year.

Rolfe: Yeah I’ve heard good things about it, just haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet.

us: So how’s LA been so far?

Chris: It’s been alright. At least the sun is out now. The other day was beautiful when you could see the mountains. The hotel has been great. It’s been nice and quiet with good food, too.

us: Since it’s dinner on your own tonight, what are you thinking for chow?

Chris: Not sure yet; depends on if we want to sit somewhere or just grab a quick bite. If we want to sit: Houston’s. If not, than Chipotle.

us: How about for the day off next Monday? Got any big plans?

Chris: Haven’t thought that far ahead yet, but that’ll be awesome. Maybe I’ll just head to the beach in my sweats and hoody and read my book for a while.


Julie said...

You should have asked Chris how excited he is about how well the Flyers are doing this year in basketball.

AP said...

Is he an Ohio State fan?

Paul said...

I hope not. He went to Dayton. Just because someone is from "Ohio" doesn't mean that they think the sun rises and sets on the Buckeyes.