Thursday, January 17, 2008


At training today, coaches representing clubs from the U.S. Soccer Development Academy were given the opportunity to observe the MNT from the sidelines. Bob Bradley and John Hackworth addressed the youth coaches both before and after training about the goals for the session, as well as how they will implement the training ideas into the game this upcoming Saturday.

“Any time you get a chance to see how the full national team is doing it, it is an excellent opportunity,” said P.J. Brown, coach of Southern California’s Arsenal F.C.

“I think this is a great chance for us coaches to see how it is done, and even model our own training sessions after what we see here. The purpose is to make our players better, and part of that is getting them to train the way a team like this does.”

Brown also talked about what Bradley and Hackworth offered to the coaches prior to practice. “He spoke about the routine at a training camp like this and how they’re hoping to transfer the work here into the game on Saturday,” said the Arsenal coach. “He mentioned that with a new group it is important to get everybody thinking and moving on the same page.”

The coaches, who come from a variety of West Coast Development Academy sides, will get a unique insight into the match against Sweden this Saturday. Hackworth will meet with the coaches as the stadium before the game to talk about the starting lineup and the goals for the match. The MNT assistant coach will again sit down with the members of the Development Academy after 90 minutes to breakdown the team's performance and rate their success at implementing the game plan.

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