Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's time to play reporter for a day again and ask the questions you've been pining to pose. In other words, you're invited to do our job for us.

This week's (ahem) volunteer is Houston Dynamo midfielder Ricardo Clark. After getting his first appearance for the full team against Panama in the USA's final World Cup qualifier before the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Rico kicked off 2007 with consecutive starts against Denmark and then the 2-0 win against Mexico on Feb. 7 in Glendale, Ariz. He played four times in the team's Gold Cup championship run, including 45 minutes in the 2-1 win against Mexico in the final. Just over a week later, Clark netted his first international goal when he tallied against Paraguay in the second group match of the Copa America.

Already with three weeks of intense training and a game under his belt in '08, he's ready for his next tough challenge - your questions. So ask away ...


Matt said...

What do you do outside of soccer?

scottyb10 said...

Ricardo, what exactly happened with the situation with Carlos. Was it a frustration thing or did he say something that pushed you.

Jonathan said...


Can you elaborate on the defensive vs. offensive responsibilities you have for the US Team? I'm particularly curious about how you strike the balance between getting forward and supporting the attack and also supporting the back line of defense. Do different CM's have different roles on the US Team?

Looking forward to seeing you help us beat Mexico in Houston.


Jon (Austin)

Terrence said...

This question pertains to the future, so it can be asked Feb. 6, 2008.. after the game.

How does it feel to beat Mexico again?!

BobWeir said...

Which league would you most like to play in if you were to leave the MLS this transfer window?
After winning back-to-back titles have you given more thought to when you would prefer moving to another league?

Brice said...

Where is your favorite place to eat in Houston?

RyanOso said...

I know last year you mentioned working on your long range shot. What are some areas you want to work on for this year? Also, what are some goals for you this next your playing with the Nats and Houston?

Jonathan Geissler said...

How did you enjoy your time on NY with the MetroStars?

Keep up the great playing, Rico!

Gabe said...

What CD do you have in the player right now?

Who is your favorite teammate you have ever played with, for club or country, and why?

Terrence said...

Question # 2

What do you usually do on your time off in camp? Any fovorite books, music, video games, movies in '08 yet?

Andrew said...

Patiots or Giants?? lol

Rosie said...

What's Your favorite food?

What are your favorite soccer teams? Leagues?

Do you like any other team in the MLS? lol

Matt said...

If you could have one player from this camp on your team in Houston, who would it be?

cnelson said...

It's nice to see you taking those long range shots... I don't see enough of that from the US, except maybe Convey and Heath Pearce when they play. That goal you got in the Copa I think was around the 18, and it was pretty sweet. How'd that feel?

matthew said...

I'm a Furman grad class of '95and have been following your and Clint Dempsey's careers with interest. I recall a couple of years back your training with a team in Spain, during which you suffered a knee injury, if I'm not mistaken. Have you given any more thought to going back over to Europe to train again, and do you have aspirations to play in Europe? Also, what drew you to Spain, and which leagues in Europe most intrigue you as places to play, and why?

'06 Natty said...

You were on the 2002 NCAA All-American team. How many other players can you name from that All-American team?

Doug Warren, Clemson,
Todd Dunivant, Stanford
John Swann, Indiana
Chris Wingert, St. John's
Ricardo Clark, Furman
Sumed Ibrahim, Maryland
Andres Murriagui, Loyola Marymount
Diego Walsh, SMU
Alecko Eskandarian, Virginia
Pat Noonan, Indiana
Tim Pierce, UCLA
Mike Tranchilla, Creighton

shannon said...

hey im a senoir at steele high and i believe in march the dynamo are supposed to play a game at my high school along w/ dc, chivas, and toronto. will you be with the team, and will any other player at the camp right now. really hope you are! o and the answer to andrew's quetion is the giants!

Matt said...

Why is Landon wearing a shoelace around his right knee? And what's up with his post-goal ritual? Maybe the two are related?