Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogger down!

His computer is, anyway. To blog, one really only needs a computer and an imagination, so it was a big blow this morning to find out one of our guys had his machine go kaput. Don't worry, we've still been able to access the loads of questions you've been posting for our players and will start handing out the responses tomorrow. We'll also double up on the chronicle of the USA's 100 cap club and get some highlights of training to boot.

Meantime, keep a thought in your mind for the poor guy who has been parked at the computer store for the last six hours trying to get the green light to go on.


Julie said...

The requested picture of Baby Bradley was so steamy that it overheated the computer?

Jonathan said...

Buy the 4 hour onsite repair warranty next time ;-)

daisychick said...

julie - there is a picture of the guys in a pool from a couple weeks ago. Bradley's in the middle. :) I have a few others - but I'm not sharing.