Sunday, June 22, 2008

They Said It

From the press room following today's match:

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY

“For the series we feel good about the work we've done. This was an opportunity to use different players, and it is important to get some young players experience. We had the confidence that we were strong enough defensively that we would hold together to get the win."

“Barbados deserves a great deal of credit for the mentality that they brought to the pitch today. From the start they played aggressively and tried to push the game more [than last week]. In that regard, credit goes to their coaches for preparing the team well. “

On Sierra Mist Man of the Match Eddie Lewis:
“Eddie is a veteran player that has done a very good job coming into camps and setting a good example for young players. He's helped with the leadership that all teams need and today we rewarded him with the captain’s armband because this entire month he has been excellent in all ways.”

On the playing the friendlies against England, Spain and Argentina:
“I think that it is always worth it to play against the top sides. The experience of playing these matches is important for the development of our players. In some way the timing isn't perfect, but we've made a commitment in the past year and a half to play top matches and these opportunities came our way. We feel that we gained a lot from playing them.”

On making so many changes to the roster:
“We make many decisions and we take a lot of things into consideration. We had players from their MLS teams and our league is very important to us. We thought it was of value to give experience to others.”

U.S. midfielder and Sierra Mist Man of the Match EDDIE LEWIS

On the performance:
"It was a much different game than last week. We knew it wasn't going to be a game of a lot of goal. Barbados came out with a good mentality, and we knew if we were just patient and controlled the game that the goal would come. We had a lot of new players on the field, so it took a while for things to get comfortable. It was important to get some of these guys that experience, and in the end we did what we needed to do."

On his goal:

"We started figuring out early that the third runner was going to be the key. Their defenders were following our forwards, but they weren't doing such a good job of tracking midfield runs. I saw an opportunity to run through, and Freddy played a nice ball. I saw the 'keeper coming, and just tried to slip it through."

On being named captain:

"It was certainly an honor. I appreciate the gesture on Bob's part. I just wanted to set a good example and try to be a good leader out on the field."

U.S. defender DANNY CALIFF

“I think that as a group we've experienced a lot. From the three games we had leading up to qualifying, we learned a bit about playing against world class teams in places that are difficult to play at. We've taken a lot from this qualifying experience as well. Even after the first leg, a team like Barbados put up a challenge and refused to lie down. We have some guys with experience now in World Cup Qualifying and that will be of value down the road.”

“In qualifying everything is magnified and there is not so much room for error. We were fortunate to get a big lead in the first game and that facilitated the changes we made today. It took some pressure off but there's always a question in the back of your head because anything can happen on any day in soccer.”

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shannon said...

so im guessing everybodies gone now, congrats on all the games these past months, theyve been great, and tell michael and danny to come to the jersey shore for vacation!