Monday, June 2, 2008

Q&A - Mo Knows

Time for another Q&A, this time with Toronto FC midfielder Maurice Edu. Write in the questions people! No seriously, the Blog is taking the afternoon off for a siesta.

Edu received his first cap in late 2007 during the United States' 1-0 win against Switzerland in Basel. He has since been a frequent participant in Bob Bradley's training camps and friendlies, earning five caps with his most recent appearance coming as a late sub in last week's game against England. On the club side of things, Edu is part of a Toronto FC team that is currently in the thick of an Eastern Conference battle - the club is just three points off of leaders New England. Toronto most recently defeated the Galaxy, 2-0, this past weekend.That's all you need to know. Ask away!


vikramb said...


Last year with TFC and in the USMNT game against South Africa, you seemed to be very well rounded as a player able to creatively attack or defensively win the ball back. Now, with the addition of so much attacking talent to TFC's midfield, you seem to be taking on a more holding midfield role. With the under 23's, you have even been used as a pure defender. Do you feel this has stifled your offensive growth? Does Bob see you only as a defensive option in central midfield? Do you see yourself as consistently capable of a more offensive "box to box" performance with the MNT?


Jibbyjab said...

1.) When playing with the national team do you find it easier or harder to enter the attack than when you are playing with Toronto FC?

2.) What was the greatest moment you have experienced thus far in your soccer career?

daisychick said...

Who has been your toughest midfield opponent (individually not team) in both domestic and international competitions?

Gabe said...

Hey Mo, keep up the good work with the nats!

1) What made you play soccer growing up as opposed to any other sports?

2) What's it like playing/living in Canada?

ZACK! said...


- What were your feelings when you got your first call up to the MNT?

- How do you feel about becoming a regular to the squad?

Yannick said...

Have you gotten any Europe offers?

Josh Gillon said...

Mo... Congrats on the recent call-ups & success at TFC. As an ACC guy it's great to see things happen to you over the past couple years.

The performance vs England, in my opinion was fairly terrible. A majority of the play was uninspired, and lacked any type of attacking "flair". We seemed to content going backwards. I'm a huge US MNT fan, and was disappointed after watching. What do you feel needs to change if the US wants to not only compete, but beat international powers on a consitant basis? Not just in a friendly match...

Josh Gillon

Max Zeger said...

What are your thoughts about moving to Europe to play football, which team, and when?

If you could play in any stadium in the world, which would you choose to play in?

kevin_M_Larsen said...

What's the starting 11 for the US in the 2010 W.C.?

Dave said...

Who's your team for Euro 2008?

Which player do you like better: Gennaro Gattuso or Claude Makelele?

USAManUtd13 said...


I'll echo the curiosity of some other posters here and ask if you have a desire to ply your trade across the atlantic?

Who would you like to see join MLS? Seattle and Philly are already confirmed, so if you were still in MLS, would you like to make trips to Portland, St. Louis, Vancouver, or Montreal?

Good luck against Spain and for TFC this year.

YankatOxford said...

Mo- hope the weather in Spain is better than its been in the U.K. last few days-

If you're selecting someone to strike a direct free kick shot on goal from around 30 yards in a central position (too far to curl), among players in the current squad, who takes it?

(My money would be on Mr. Steve Cherundolo).

Matt said...

Is Mo Johnston as crazy as he seems?

EFFEnberg said...

Hello, I'm Fernando, from Spain.
Who is the US best player at the moment? and ... Who is the best: Altidore or Adu?

Good Luck for the match. I bet for:
Spain 2 - United States of America 1 (sorry! ;-))

I'm waiting your answers, here or in my blog:

byrankoehaler said...


how long have you rocked the mustache/goatee?

And whats your craziest/gnarliest facial hair?

handle bar for the spain match?