Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Q&A - Mo Knows - The Answers

You asked, he answered. Thanks everybody for writing in question to Toronto FC's Maurice Edu. Here goes:

Now, with the addition of so much attacking talent to TFC's midfield, you seem to be taking on a more holding midfield role. With the under 23's, you have even been used as a pure defender? Do you feel this has stifled your offensive growth? Do you see yourself as consistently capable of a more offensive "box to box" performance with the MNT?

Mo: "I see myself as a "box to box" midfielder - I try to break up as many plays as I can defensively, but I also like to get forward if I can. At the same time though, it is not tough for me to play in different positions depending on what the coach wants or the team needs. Playing in the back you see less of the ball, which is something that you have to get used to quickly. You also have the ability to see the whole field, which gives you a different perspective from playing in the midfield."

What was the greatest moment you have experienced thus far in your soccer career?

Mo: "My first professional game against Kansas City is up there. We ended up losing, but its a moment that I'll never forget. Of course there's also my first national team game, which came against Switzerland in October of last year. I wasn't expecting to get called up so that was a surprise in itself. But starting in the game, our team going on to win against a tough Switzerland team - all those things combined made the trip a great experience."

Who has been your toughest midfield opponent (individually not team) in both domestic and international competitions?

Mo: "Playing against Shalrie Joseph is always a good battle. He's dominant in that position and a huge physical presence. Dwayne DeRosario is crafty on the ball and a smart player as well. I once played against Rui Costa when our team [Toronto] played Benfica in a friendly. It was impossible to get close to him - he was great on the ball and his vision was incredible. You think he would have slowed down, being older, but then he gets the ball and he won't let anyone on the other team near him. "

What made you play soccer growing up as opposed to any other sports?
Mo: "Everyone in my family played soccer, so naturally I started playing from a young age. It was always what I wanted to do and there were other sports that I played from time to time, but nothing as serious as soccer."

If you could play in any stadium in the world, which would you choose to play in?
Mo: Well first go back to last week - playing in Wembley was everything I imagined it would be. You walk out there and get chills, and to play against England was great. It would have been much better if we won, but just playing on that field was something I will always remember.

I'd love to pay in Old Trafford - there is so much history there. Man-U is a great team and I've always been a fan. I went there when I was younger, 13 or 14, and then again with my college team. We saw games there as well, the first time against Blackburn and then against Newcastle United. Watching Paul Scholes live was amazing. I've always respected what he brings to the game, and to see what he does without the ball, the way he is always moving, was really impressive. "

Who's your team for Euro 2008?
Mo: "I like Spain. They've always had a good team, but you always hear about them never really getting it right on the big stage. It'd be nice to see them achieve that now and they've got such a talented team that could really do it. As a backup, I'd have to say France."

What city would you like to see join MLS?

Mo: "Montreal would be fun, and they would have a good fan base as well. The city is a bit different from Toronto. It's very European. I think it'd be great to have that huge rivalry across the country. "

What is it like living in Canada?
Mo: "Really, it isn't that much different from the States. There are lots of European influences and Toronto is so multicultural. There's a good mixture of different cultures and soccer is really popular. Games are sold out and the fans have a great appreciation for the sport. Of course, off the field Toronto is great too. "


USAManUtd13 said...

I really enjoyed that. Thanks to Mr. Blogger and Mr. Edu. This is something you should do more often.

goalscorer24 said...

Don't be too impressed with Spain. They are human and if you guys press them on the ball they will make mistakes. You can beat them. Best of luck!

vikramb said...

A great use of the blog. Thanks again to the moderator and Mr. Edu for the opportunity to interact with the squad. Best of luck against Spain. Cheers.