Monday, September 1, 2008

Impromptu Interview with Eddie Lewis

Like many U.S. Soccer fans, we were concerned about Eddie's well being following the nasty foul he suffered in the 1-0 win against Guatemala that left him with five stitches above his right eye and a few aches and pains. Eddie was fine after the match, and is coming off his first appearance in an LA Galaxy uniform, a 2-2 draw last Saturday night in which he had a superb assist on Landon Donovan's second goal. We caught up with Eddie in the training room after the team's first session in Miami this morning. As you'll read, everyone was in pretty good spirits ...

us: First, how many fingers are we holding up?

Eddie: Very funny. As it turns out, the ribs got the worst of that collision. But I like the scar - it shows character. I've gotten a surprisingly warm reception on it, even from my wife. She's obviously glad that I'm OK, but she also thinks the scar looks good on me.

us: Is that the worst thing that has happened to you in a soccer game?

Eddie: In college, I had a head on head collision. I had three metal plates and nine screws inserted around my right eye. The doctors said those plates prevented the bones from breaking again this time around.

us: What's the first thing that Bruce Arena told you when you got to LA?

Eddie: He said welcome home. He said that he knew what I was about as a player and what I am capable of. He told me to play the way I am capable of playing, and most importantly to enjoy myself.
[Editor's Note: Considering their long relationship, we expected something a little more humorous]

us: How is your Bruce impression coming along?

Eddie: On the record - I don't have one. Off the record, it's a work in progress.

us: Great to see you already linking up with Landon in LA. He told us the pass was so good that he didn't even know it was coming ...

Eddie: Yea, I felt good about that pass. As the ball came inside to me, I saw there were two defenders high and Landon running between them. Instead of splitting the defenders, I looked off Michael Parkhurst and played it around him. I got the weight of the pass right, and Landon's finish was clinical. I only wish we could have got the three points.

us: What's the best part about living in West Lake, Calif.? (The hometown of both Eddie's wife and Cobi Jones)

Eddie: That's an easy one. Getting to go swimming with the kids in the afternoon, and barbecuing dinner. In England, I didn't even own a barbecue. I can't even tell you how happy I am to be back home. Every day there are more and more little things about home that I had forgotten about that really make our lives so much happier.

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Krista said...

Glad to see Lewis home and happy. Can y'all interview Bradley about his move? Like to hear his thoughts. Thanks. :)