Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Not Just the 'Windy City"

Turns out it can be pretty rainy, too. The skies opened up as soon as the U.S. team hit the training field in Bridgeview, and dumped on us for the entire session. After the warmup, some players headed inside to do regeneration and rehab, while the rest had a spirited 7 v. 7 game to big goals. For anyone who has played soccer, you know that playing in the rain is about as fun as it gets, and you could tell the guys were having a blast. Not so much for the staff standing around, of course.

Several coaches from Chicago clubs involved in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy were invited to attend today's practice, and braved the conditions to learn more about how the team operates. One thing they learned - bring an umbrella.

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