Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let There Be Light!

More updates from Havana:

  • The team is no longer in darkness as the lights came back up, half at a time. The players are out on the field warming up...only to a few jeers, so not a bad welcome at all from the Cubans.
  • It's raining in Havana. Started about 5 p.m. and hasn't stopped. Could be a good thing as it may help the ball move a bit on the field, which is pretty hard and uneven.
  • When the team arrived, the bus drove all the way onto the track around the field.
  • Interesting note -- the Cuban players didn't have to travel far considering they live at the stadium. That's right, they actually live in some housing that's attached to one corner of the stadium and their rooms actually look out over the stadium field.


anna4italia said...

Great game guys! Gotta give my props to Dempsey, though...great, great game. Excellent goal and, hey, all those fouls on you - not cool, Cuba. Don't mess with Clint Dempsey :)

Great way to earn three points. Can't wait for Wednesday ;)

FC Uptown said...

Any pictures or video of the US team clapping to the Cuban fans after the game? Just read about that, seemed cool.