Thursday, September 25, 2008

Word of the Day - Chapeuzinho

Wherever you are around the world, soccer is a always remarkably useful way to communicate. Whenever the Blog travels, the easiest way to get to know the locals is through the language of soccer, futbol, etc. That being said, each country has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies that also make the game unique around the globe. Its with that in mind that the FNT Blog brings you "The Word of the Day" from Brazil:

Directly translated as the "litle hat," "little cap," or "little balloon," the Chapeuzinho is simple but, when deployed effectively, lethal. It involves a quick touch over an opponents head into space and a burst of speed to slip by the wronfooted defender. If done correctly, your foe will be bamboozled, leaving you to sprint by him or her with the goal in your sites.

Classic instances:

Ronaldinho in action.

Wonder-goal from Gaizka Mendieta

Today's demonstration:

By assistant coach Vava Marques and midfielder Denison Cabral.

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