Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow's Another Day...

Well, today was certainly a tough one for the team. There's nothing quite like the feeling of preparing so long for something, then not having it go as planned. Sometimes that happens in soccer though, and you just have to look to the next day.

It's a bit of a good thing to have the next game so soon after the first one. The coaching staff has pinpointed things that the team will work on in training tomorrow, but there's absolutely no time to dwell on Tuesday's game. Starting tomorrow it's all about Italy. That's Italy who we played in 2004 and Italy who squeaked out a 1-0 win against Thailand today.

If you want to hear some thoughts on the game today, then we've put a podcast up for you. You can hear Keith Tozer and Jamar Beasley talk about the game here.

And even if things didn't go so well, the blog, like the team, will be persevering! Check back tomorrow for an update from training, another scouting podcast with Vava, and the return of Word of the Day. The Blog had to drag WotD off the beach in Copacabana after it took a long weekend but it is back and ready to go to work!

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