Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Video from Today's Well-Heated Training

Well, it was HOT at training today but of course the show must go on. With 16 guys in camp now (well, 19, if you account for those who arrived this afternoon) today's session was far more populated. The team warmed up and did a few passing and technical drills. That was followed by some possession games and finally a small sided 5 v 5 game with goals. Here's a video from today's session:

After training, Bob Bradley spoke to various members of the media who stuck around. Bradley touched on the win against Guatemala and how the U.S. can expect a similarly tough game on the road against Cuba. Listen to the full podcast here.


anna4italia said...

Oguchi shaved! Man, I kind of liked that beard...oh well. :)

KFad said...

Cage match!