Friday, September 26, 2008

Phrase of the Day - Tomou um Chocolate

As you can see, Word of the Day is already branching out into Phrase of the Day.

Tomou um Chocolate -
The literal translation is "eating chocolate" and when a team is eating chocolate in Brazil, they're playing terribly. There are probably less savory terms for a losing streak as well, but in Brazil, you want your team to stay away from the sweets.

Today's Phrase of the Day was told to us by our liason, Thiago. He was thrilled because Fluminese and Vasco de Gama are the teams eating chocolate in Rio these days. The two teams, both traditional powerhouses of Brazil, have encountered tough times in the domestic league this year and Thiago couldn't be more gleeful about their suffering. He's a Flamengo fan and as fans of the U.S. MNT know, there's nothing like watching your rival suffer...Hi, Mexico!

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