Saturday, January 10, 2009

Danny Califf's Word of the Day - #2

The word of the day is Plume, which is a bird's feather. Sometimes a plume is attached to the end of a quill pen. Obviously this requires some background.

My daughter Paige loves this character in children's books called Fancy Nancy. In the books, Fancy Nancy insists on using not just any pen, but a fancy pen with a plume. Being the good father, I read her the books over and over and over again, so I am very familiar with the fancy words that Nancy likes to use. The books obviously aim to expand the vocabulary of children, and I'm occasionally surprised when Paige blurts out big words out of the blue and stops me in my tracks. She even has her little brother Blake - who is three years old - learning to increase the size of his own vocabulary. It's amazing what kids can do ...


Rosie said...

My little sister taught my brother many words as he was growing up too :D

Evan said...

My big brother is a philosophy major and he says I need to learn a new word everyday. It will help when I get to high school.

here is my word

I try to be perspicacious of my surroundings when I am in new places just to be on the safe side.