Friday, January 30, 2009

Pictures from Today's Make-You-Jealous Training

Well, today was beautiful - close to 80 degrees. It's probably not the best weather to train in (that would be the rainy, cold variety) but it's definitely the best weather for watching training. And taking pictures. Here are a few of today's shots:Head over to to catch the rest of them. Or click here.


Evan said...

Great pictures ! Kenny always looks huge in those pictures. I mean I know he is a big guy only in real life he never seems that big when I stand by him. Your right the weather is better for pictures too. Yesterday it was like 70 where I live and lots of clouds so it was perfect to train. Today is the same only no clouds and I have been out kicking it around for three hours and I am going back out now!

aquagirl:) said...

Is that Sacha with his head shaved??

Evan said...

I am pretty sure it is him. It looks like him anyway. He should of kept his long hair !