Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photos from today's Nearly Raining Training

Here are some photos from today's training session at The Home Depot Center. The 80 degree weather subsided a today and we were subjected to the horror of 65 degrees and mildly overcast skies. OK, so we're a little spoiled... Head over to to check out the full gallery.


Leonor said...

That's all fun and all but we are on the verge of losing Arturo Alvarez forever. I really thought he had a future with the Nats, but Nowak cut him from the Olympic team. That really damaged him in the same manner that Neven Subotic felt after being cut from the U-20's.

U.S. Soccer said...

Just to clarify the point for everyone about Arturo, he is not able to play for El Salvador. Since he represented the United States in an official competition - in his case, CONCACAF Qualifying for the U-20 World Cup - and he is over the age of 21, he is not eligible to apply to change associations.

Evan said...

Great pictures. I had a long day and so it was real good to see all the stuff you added today. More surgery for me is coming and that really makes me mad but thinking about the upcoming games makes me pretty happy