Thursday, January 15, 2009

Listen up: Podcast with Bob Bradley

Help yourself get to Friday with our first MNT podcast of 2009! Here's Bob Bradley talking to media after today's morning training session. He gives an update on how the camp's been going, the U.S. status as one of the favorites for CONCACAF qualifying, and how the team is preparing for a difficult final round in 2009. Listen to the full podcast with MNT coach Bob Bradley here.

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agressively passive said...

What a joke. Why does US Soccer continue to post these types of interviews. It's all vanilla. No real information is provided. Always quotes like "it's going to be tough" or "we can't get ahead ourselves" or "he's a got a lot to learn".

You would get a lot more hits/views if you actually posted something of substance. Just look at what your competitor blogs are doing....