Thursday, September 13, 2007

300K and rising

This isn’t necessarily a blog about our players overseas, but more us giving props to all of the youtube viewers out there. Since Monday when we put video highlights of the USA-Brazil game on youtube, our view count on the piece has been rising astronomically, and today it topped 300,000 hits! For all you serious mathematicians out there – we happened to be good spellers, ourselves - that’s over 100,000 hits a day and about 70 hits per minute. So in that regard, this is a blog with global implications, considering the amount of people that have been checking out the clip. Pretty quiet here in Soccer House since most of our crew is in China. Speaking of which, hope you have your alarm clocks set for 5 a.m. ET tomorrow morning for the huge showdown between the U.S. women and Sweden live on ESPN2. That match kicks off a great weekend of soccer action in the Women’s World Cup and league plays resumes across Europe, so stay tuned to the blog for updates as they happen…

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