Monday, September 3, 2007


After practice, the team settled down to a well-received lunch. Halfway through the meal, Landon Donovan arrived from O'Hare and greeted the guys who took a rare time out from their food to welcome their teammate. Seeing the opportunity to make the most of LD's entrance, our ever diligent videographer Alejandro was quick with his camera. You can check for it in Tuesday's all_access video...well, that is if assistant coach Peter Nowak's attempt to sabotage the effort didn't work. Peter seized Alejandro by both arms and shook him, while questioning, "Why can't you stay still!?" and then laughing manically. Alejandro's simple response: "Because you're shaking me!" Fair enough. Undeterred and still cackling, Peter persisted and, though Alejandro did his best to persevere, everyone at the staff table agreed that Peter was the clear victor.

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