Friday, September 7, 2007


We snuck a few quick questions... Fondest memory of living in Brazil?

Benny: "My sixth birthday party. We had a futsal soccer tournament, and my team took second place. I scored a sick free kick. My dad taught me how." How's your Portuguese?

Benny: "Fluent. Both my parents were Brazilian, so we spoke in the house growing up. I still speak to my family in Portuguese all the time." Who was your favorite player growing up?

Benny: "There was attacking midfielder for my favorite team Botafogo named Valdeir. I'm sure nobody's heard of him." How many family members back in Brazil?

Benny: "I've got grandmothers on both sides, grandpa, aunts, uncles. cousins ... over 20 I would say. Who will they be rooting for Sunday?

Benny: "Half and half ... maybe. My parents for sure will be rooting for the U.S."

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