Thursday, September 6, 2007


Maybe the Brazilian tradition of using only nicknames makes sense. U.S. Soccer has received the final travel list for the Brazil National Team, which includes their full names as well as their nicknames. Have a look and see which you think sound cooler...

AFONSO Afonso Alves Martins Junior S.C.Heerenveen
ALEX Silva Alex Sandro da Silva São Paulo F.C.
ALEX Costa Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa Chelsea F.C.
DANIEL ALVES Daniel Alves da Silva Sevilla F.C.
DIEGO Diego Ribas da Cunha Werder Bremen
DONI Donieber Alexander Marangon A.S. Roma
ELANO Elano Blumer Manchester City F.C.
FERNANDO Fernando Menegazzo F.C. Gironds Bordeaux
GILBERTO Gilberto da Silva Melo Hertha BSC Berlim
GILBERTO SILVA Gilberto Aparecido da Silva Arsenal F.C.
JOSUÉ Josué Anunciado de Oliveira Vfl Wolfsburg
JUAN Juan Silveira dos Santos A.S. Roma
JULIO BAPTISTA Julio César Baptista Real Madrid C.F.
JULIO CÉSAR Julio César Soares de Espíndola Internazionale Milano
KAKÁ Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite Milan A.C.
KLEBER Kleber de Carvalho Corrêa Santos F.C.
LÚCIO Lucimar da Silva Ferreira Bayern Munchen
MAICON Maicon Douglas Sisenando Internazionale Milano
MINEIRO Carlos Luciano da Silva Hertha BSC Berlim
ROBINHO Robson de Souza Real Madrid C.F.
RONALDINHO Ronaldo de Assis Moreira F.C. Barcelona
VAGNER LOVE Vagner Silva de Souza PFC. CSKA

Actually, the use of nicknames is a sign of intimacy in Brazil and has a long history. Click here to find out more about the history of this unique tradition.


daisychick said...

I'm always a Ronaldhino fan but this is my favorite...
KAKÁ Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite Milan A.C.

What I don't get is how they derived Kaka from that however.

And looking from where all these guys play in one setting - do the US MNT get a little intimidated by this lineup? Just a little bit? They better eat a bowl of wheaties just in case.

Ryan said...

Kaka is a common nickname for Ricardo, don't ask me why.

But in this case, his little brother, Digao (who is also at AC Milan now) couldn't pronounce Ricardo, so he called him "Caca", and it developed into the more common "Kaka"

peteo said...

Edu Dracena and Gladstone will replace injured defenders Alex and Alex Silva. :)

daisychick said...

Thanks Ryan! You have contributed to my one piece of new information I have learned today. And I didn't realize his brother is also at AC Milan.

This may be silly Ronaldo officially "retired" or is he just "excluded" now due to age (and fitness)......

Ryan said...

No problem.

His brother, Rodrigo, aka Digao, started off with Sao Paulo's youth system (like Kaka) and then moved to Milan's youth a year after Kaka's arrival. Spent two years on loan to Rimini and I think will start to see some time with AC.