Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Who wouldn't be excited about getting their first call up, and to suit up against Brazil to boot? With four goals and six assists this year, the Wizards striker has been in fine form and has adapted nicely to his surroundings with the national team. Listen in as Arnaud talks about how he heard the news, who he called first, and what advice he received from his Wizards teammates before heading to Chicago.


Will said...

More questionable call ups from Bradley. Wolff, Zavagnin, Arnaud? Why not bring in some younger players. Beside Wolff (maybe), what sort of leadership to these MLS meddlers bring?

fritz said...

Zavagnin and Arnaud both play for KC, and KC doesn't play this week. The rest of MLS has games and bradley doesn't want to take squad players from teams who need them. Landon is the only MLSer on the roster that will miss a game, but LA's season is pretty much over, and he is too important to leave off the roster. Seitz is a back up at RSL so he is not missed much either. Bradley did the same thing earlier with Marsch and Rozov from Chivas when they had and off week.

Brent McD. said...

Hope that Arnaud can get EJ going for the Nats. EJ has looked horrible playing for the MNT of late.