Saturday, September 8, 2007


In Sweden, we detailed how the guys play horseshoes at the end of practice. Today we witnessed the appearance of another game, though this one doesn’t really have a name. We’ll name it Juggling. Pretty creative, right? Anyhow, the premise is simple. Keep the ball in the air, taking less than six touches before passing it on to somebody else. The kicker is that while you’re juggling the ball, you have to name a club team from a chosen league. If you can’t name one you lose, if you name one that has already been said you lose. And if you drop the ball you lose. So today, Heath Pearce, Michael Bradley, and Benny Feilhaber threw down, with dinner on the line: first person to lose twice pays. The first chosen league was Ligue 1 from France, which Benny lost. The second choice was the Bundesliga, and this proved to be a marathon round. The guys got through about 90% of the league before Heath named Duisburg, who were in fact relegated in the previous season. The final round was the Danish League. Think you can name more than four teams in the Danish League? Thought so. Anyhow, our guys knew most of the teams in the league, but Benny ended up making the final error: he named Br√łndby after Michael had already called it out at the beginning. Victory for Heath and Michael; they’ll win the dinner of their choice. Not tonight of course, since the guys are in a team meeting right now preparing for the Brazil game…

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