Sunday, September 9, 2007


Here's a look at the USA's Starting Lineup against No. 1 ranked Brazil:


Cherundolo     Gooch     Bocanegra (capt.)     Pearce

Bradley             Feilhaber
Donovan                                                       Beasley



Carlos Bocanegra gets the captain's armband for the sixth time in 2007, and has the distinction of being the only player on the roster who has scored against Brazil. Landon Donovan still has a date with history, his next goal giving him sole possession of the USA's all-time goalscoring record. Josh Wolff gets his first action since the 2006 FIFA World Cup, and Clint Dempsey starts on the same field that he scored his first international goal in the 2-1 loss to England in May of 2005. Seven players also started in the USA's 2-1 Gold Cup winning victory against Mexico here at Soldier Field, including Benny Feilhaber, whose thunderous strike in the 72nd minute proved to be the game-winner.


mattbrockmd said...

Oh boy. This may be ugly. For the Brazilians. Muhahaha.

mattbrockmd said...

All joking aside. When is Demerit going to play? He has looked very solid and calming at the back. Contrast that with Onyewu who I don't think is quite ready for primetime- he needs a few more years to master his footwork and use of that body.

Kasey said...

Dempsey and Lando need to be switched. Dempsey hasn't been doing that great up top.

Anton said...

was this guy in any way related to jorge larrionda? seriously, absolute bullshit calls/no calls. the US played an amazing game with a lot of heart and intensity against a brazil team that also played with heart. score line doesnt reflect how the game really was. great job today boys, you made me proud.

SoccerMom7 said...

WHAT just happened?! I thought they got rid of all the World Cup refs that sucked!! Where'd this guy come from?!! If you're going to be a bad ref... BE BAD BOTH WAYS!!! How'd he miss the penalty against Wolff and then grant Brazil one in stoppage time?! Oh and don't get me started on the yellow against Bocanegra when dude TOOK A DIVE!!! Carlos didn't even know he was there anymore and he decided to fall down?! He carded Robinho for it... but then let's his teammate get away with it? SUCH CRAP!!! This is the second game that guy has blown due to crappy calls or lack of calls (see “USA vs. Canada”)… DO NOT LET HIM REF ANYMORE!!!! The game wasn't as much fun to watch b/c the ref.... PLEASE GAWD don't let that guy ref anything above AYSO ever again!!!!
Meanwhile... GREAT JOB USA!! Except for some moments of "????"... You guys played a helluva game!! Deuce... YOU ROCK!! And Los, you know got MUCH love from us here in Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga)!!!! You guys may have been outplayed on the scoreboard... but had a GREAT showing nonetheless... Keep up the pace! We love you guys!

stephanie said...

great job guys, you did a great job just they played harder. Dont worry you guys did great. by the way, thanks for signing my jersey (well some of you, tim, clint, chris, ouguchi, and damarcus!!!) good luck in future games

-stephanie aguilera

iheartchelsea said...

Wow. I appreciate your collective support of the MNT, but I thought that game was largely painful to watch (bad refereeing aside). I think Clint Dempsey (once he develops his skills), Eddie Johnson (once he gets more experience), and young Bradley (once he stops fouling people foolishly) will be excellent. In the meantime, no matter how I look at it, I will never understand how Onyewu still has a job. I'm not terribly confident in Bocanegra, but at least he makes some clutch plays. Onyewu can't do anything right! Coach should replace him with Jonathan Spector. And Donovan?! Sure, he's got some speed, but I've never seen him be as big a threat as folks build him up to be. Maybe someday we'll find some strong, creative, reliable forwards with a true eye for goal. Right now, most of our goals come from luck (and bad ref'ing) alone.

mamacita chilena said...

Great showing, be proud of what you did. I am.