Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Just finished up a photo shoot with Clint Dempsey for tomorrow's Chicago Tribune, where he will be featured in the 'Out Loud' section on the back page of Wednesday's sports section. On the way back he talked about his adjustment to life in London. Though he says it’s nice to see the sunshine (apparently it has been a very rainy summer in England), one of his biggest challenges has been living without Mexican food. He says the English food is okay, Shepherd’s Pie isn’t bad, but there are plenty of great Italian, Chinese and Japanese places nearby… and the Japanese was tempting enough that he has ventured into the world of sushi. He is still a relative beginner, so he won’t venture far beyond the spicy tuna and crab, but he is getting there. We do, however, think that the unagi (eel) is still a world away for the man from Nacogdoches, Texas.


Anton said...

english food is terrible. sushi is awesome.

Robert said...

Clint, surely you can get a nice mexican lady to follow you around making good food. I've got one, my wife!