Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Danny Califf's Word of the Day

Welcome to this new potentially regular installment on the MNT blog which we have entitled 'Danny Califf's Word of the Day". As many of you who have followed the blog know, Danny is a voracious reader and an intelligent thinker who has an optimistic perspective on life. In other words, he's an interesting dude.

So from time to time we are going to explore what is going through Danny's thoughts, and bring them into focus with a word that sums it up. We may present the definition, use it in an a sentence... you get the idea. Without further adieu, here is Danny's word of the day:

shellacked (also shellacking), which Merriam Webster defines as 'to be defeated decisively'.

"Our job is all about winning, and it never feels good to get shellacked. It's one thing to get beat; it's another to get your rear end handed to you on a platter."

Danny would like to point out that despite his inaugural choice of words, he really is an optimistic person.


Evan said...

I try to be pretty positive about stuff. I don't think I am quixotic about life. You just gotta stay level headed without going overboard.

Meagan said...

A lugubrious choice, indeed. Keep thinking happy thoughts, Mr Califf.