Friday, October 12, 2007


Once again, Amy was all over the trivia question. We even tried to be a little sly, but she was having none of it. To recap, the question was as follows:

Only one guy here has spent time playing for a Swiss club. Name him, the club, and when he played.

As Amy correctly pointed out, the 'guy' in question is not a current player but assistant coach Peter Nowak, who played for BSC Young Boys in 1992-93, scoring four goals in 33 games. Peter tells us that Young Boys won the winter championship in '92, finished in second place for the summer championship behind Lausanne, and the following season were drawn against Celtic in the UEFA Cup. They drew the first leg, 1-1, at home, and the very next day Peter flew to Germany to sign a contract with Dynamo Dresden.

As some of you pointed out, Frankie Hejduk did play for St. Gallen, but alas "Dukes" isn't here.

It's back to the drawing board for us. Meantime, Amy, have you considered trying out for Jeopardy?


Amy said...

If Jeopardy was all about soccer and movies, Ken Jennings would become a distant memory.

brucio said...

they let you use google on jeapordy now?